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Be Punctual
It is important to reach the interview venue before the interview time slot given to you. You do not want to be late as it will reflect poorly on you. Get to the venue 15 minutes early as you have to go through security checks, fill the entry register, etc. Reaching early will help you settle down and relax.

Research the Company / Organization
You can find information about any company on their website. Make it a habit to read the newspaper every day as it is helpful to know the latest news about companies that are hiring. Be aware of the turnover of the company and its product line. For example, if you are going to Tata Motors for an interview, you should know which cars they sell. Also, if you know the name of your interviewer you can do a little research on him or her by looking them up on Do thorough research on the company and the job role you have applied for.

Respect your Interviewer
Greet the interviewer when you enter the room. Be polite but confident. Sometimes the interviewer might take notes while you are speaking, don’t get nervous when you see them do that. If you think they are not listening to what you are saying, ask politely if you should wait till he finishes or say something to bring his attention back to the conversation. Don’t stretch your answers and always stick to the point.

Give examples of Leadership Roles
If you are a fresher, you have not been a Project Head or managed a Team. In that case you can discuss Group Projects or Assignments that you have been a part of in college and how you headed the team in the right direction to complete the task. If you have never lead any team, discuss how you would handle any situation given a chance.

It is natural to get nervous when going for your first interview or going for an interview for your first job but try to relax and be calm during the process.

Ask Questions
Interviews are not only meant for the interviewer to ask questions, you can ask them questions too. For example, you can ask about the company’s work culture or what exactly the Job Requirements are. Don’t start by asking what your Salary would be and how many Holidays you get. That just shows you are not really serious about the job.