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A resume tells what’s unique about you. Think of yourself as a brand, the employer as the customer, and you have to sell yourself. An employer receives thousands of applications every day, hence, doesn’t have time to go through every resume thoroughly. Therefore, he/she will glance through a resume for 10-15 seconds, and if your resume looks like a hundred others, it will just be put away.

There are a few ways in which you can keep your resume formal and at the same time personalize it to stand out.

1 - KEEP IT SIMPLE YET INTERESTING - Keep your resume short and crisp. Limit your resume to one page to make it easy for recruiters to go through it. Your resume can stretch to two pages, provided every bit of information that you cite is relevant and useful.

2 - CONTACT DETAILS - Mention your name and contact details. Make sure you mention your current address, mobile number and an active email id. Companies now mostly send their offer letters via email, so ensure that you provide an active email id and keep checking it regularly for any and all updates.

3 - CAREER OBJECTIVES - In this section, you should mention the position you are applying for in the company. It is a good idea to add where you see yourself in the next five to ten years, showing your commitment to stay.

4 – WORK EXPERIENCE – If you are a fresher, you can write about any kind of internship you did during college. Don’t just mention the time duration and the company where you worked. Describe your role, and how your inputs were impactful.

5 – TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION – Write about any kind of training you underwent or any short-term courses that you have taken. It does not necessarily have to be relating to education. You can also mention any languages you speak or any extracurricular activities you have indulged in the past. Also, explain why you took that certification and how it would help the company or role you are applying for.

6 – QUALIFICATIONS – In this section, you mention your academic qualifications. Start by detailing your latest academic degree/diploma and work backwards to the year you finished Class XII. Your marks and percentage are important, so you can mention them along here. It really helps if you have been a consistent performer or if you have improved your grades with time. Highlight if you have studied in a premier educational institute either in school or college. Highlight if you have studied in an English medium school.

7 – REFERENCES – You can give names and contact details of your professors, project leaders during internships or your previous bosses if you are not a fresher. Only provide professional references. If you don’t have any references just leave this field out.


  • Properly Formatted
  • Contains honest information
  • Positive and professional
  • Visually appealing
  • Avoids excessive colour
  • No grammatical or typography error
  • Avoids generic statements
  • Doesn’t have funky email id’s, e.g.