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Of the 25 Years that TMI has been in the business of connecting employers with talent, our stakeholders were only those who had the capacity to pay for our services. With the transformation of India into a service economy, and the explosion of urban migration, we realised that most of the employment opportunities are in big towns and cities. We also realised that every city is full of numerous small traders, cottage manufacturers and varied business outlets that are capable of hiring local talent in small numbers. Such outlets are not as choosy as the bigger employers and also provide ultra-local employment.

Also, the traditional agency model of sourcing is majorly limited to prospective job seekers who have access to the internet. These include candidates who are registered on the major job portals, or/and can be accessed through emails. However, there seemed to exist a very large number of less privileged, non-smart phone carrying population of job seekers from not so affluent families. We believe that both these sections need to be serviced so that we are a step closer to realising our vision of transforming talent to impact lives.

Employment Van is a mobile bus equipped with state-of-the-art technology necessary to build a database of information of jobseekers that can be used to fulfil the manpower needs of MSMEs. It is a humble initiative brought forth by TMI group in partnership with various Government and Private Organizations to provide a zero-cost candidate sourcing platform, especially for micro enterprises. The model of employment van is two-fold.

Firstly, it comprises of a candidate management team that takes employment van to the candidates’ doorsteps, be it in the most crowded areas of the city or the most remote areas around it, and helps them register their details for free.

Secondly, it comprises of a client management team that works relentlessly to connect with employers in and around the city where it’s operating and gather the details of job vacancies with them. Later, candidates registered with employment van, whose profile matches the requirements of the job vacancies, are connected to the particular employers.

This van is equipped with all facilities that able us to collect candidate data and also employer requirements, which would go location to location where the density of youth population is the highest.

We have piloted our employment van in Hyderabad and have since expanded to many cities and have seen tremendous success especially in connection to the youth, with opportunities across the city.